Friday, May 31, 2013

Kennedy School - Portland, OR

Our first brewery stop on Day 2 was Kennedy School which an old school taken over by McMenamins (they buy out lots of old buildings and turn them into breweries). Unfortunately we went a little early so most the room attractions weren't open but this place is awesome!
-First off it is huge and as I guessed it looked just like a school inside.  Long hallways, tons of artwork, old school pictures from the actual school.  They have a giant restaurant and brewery. We only had the IPA and it was probably one of the worst beers we had on the trip but hey we weren't expecting great beer there.
-The Boiler Room is a bar downstairs with pool tables, darts and a great hang out.  The Detention Room is a cigar bar.They also have a movie theater and banquet hall. Plus an awesome giant courtyard with a fire pit and lots of outdoor seating.You also can rent a room here which is literally steps from the restaurant/brewery, they are somewhat expensive but would be fun for a night.
-If you can make it here while in Portland make sure you do..just come later in the day. Don't come for the food or beer, but simply to enjoy the scenery and fun of drinking in a school. Check them out!

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