Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pittsburg, PA

Within the past 8 months I have visited Pittsburgh twice.  On both trips I hit up many breweries in Pittsburgh, neighboring cities and on the road back. The next few posts will cover all of these stops starting with those closest to Pittsburgh. But first I wanted to mention some non-brewery things within Pittsburgh.
-First off, we were unaware but you cannot walk into a beer store in Pittsburgh and buy a 6 pack, you have to buy a case. The only place to find six packs or singles is in a bar and the prices are usually doubled in those locations. On both trips we went to a place called McBrooms...we called ahead and they even held cases of Sculpin for us, great store with a great selection.
-Another interesting thing is you cannot fill a growler unless it is a growler with the name of THAT brewery on it. For example, if you walk into Fat Heads it must be a Fat Heads growler if you want to fill it.
-Beer store we stopped at was called House of 1000 Beers. Wasn't what I pictured but they have a very good beer selection.  They also have about 10 beers on tap to drink while you shop. (They get away selling singles and 6 packs because they technically are a bar).

-Food places included Fat Heads(read my Fat Heads review for details),
D's Six Pax & Dogz (awesome hot dogs and beer menu, they also have a great beer selection in the back for purchase, but pricey),
Piper's Pub (across the street from Fat Head's, they have great food and even better beer menu),
Beermuda Triangle (dive place, but have TONS of beer on tap just about everything and the food wasn't bad)

Primanti Bros (famous for their sandwiches, I honestly wasn't blown away but hey you gotta check it out if you're in Pitt, plus the bar side of the restaurant has a lot of beer),

-As for late night, East Carson Street is awesome. Fat Heads, Pipers Pub, and lots of other cool bars with awesome taps. However my favorite place was hands down Charlie Murdoch's Dueling Piano Bar, if you were into live music it is a TON of fun. We got their early and got seats at the front of the bar at the stage. Basically two guys perform lots of songs on the piano, then the whole band comes out and they rotate instruments and do about six songs, then the process is repeated all night. The beer is limited which sucks, and forewarning you CAN smoke inside, but other than that it is a BLAST.

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