Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pigsah Brewing - Asheville, NC
-Our next stop on our Asheville beer tour was Pigsah. I respect Pigsah since I was told it was one of the original breweries that really helped Asheville gain it's microbrew popularity. Now I read all over yelp that the place was damn near impossible to find and boy were people right. It truly is hidden! I don't mind hidden, but what I don't like is that there is next to NO signage anywhere to be found. Luckily we saw a couple people drinking at a picnic table so we determined this must be it.
-Stepping foot through the garage door you are blasted with a yeast smell that is extremely over powering.  I have smelled this faintly at other breweries in the past, but this was the potent I've experienced.
-As for the negatives...the lay out is huge, but a lot of wasted space.  All the tables and chairs look like street side pick ups or garage sale furniture.  The bathroom is further into the warehouse area and is the type of bathroom I expected in this area.
-As for the beers..I had a sampler of about 10 of their house beers.  I will be honest I came strictly to try the Bacon Stout (wasn't very good). I also had the Vortex II, Nitro Stout, IPA of course, Pale Ale, Porter, and a few others that I didn't get to write down.  All the beers were decent as best, with my favorite being the IPA but unfortunately my least favorite IPA on the entire trip.
-All in all I will say that the drive was worth it for the history but if I ever went back to Asheville I wouldn't waste the gas and time.  I wasn't there for live music but I think once the party starts at night I'm sure its a fantastic place to hang out for the locals. As for the beer however I will say I wasn't impressed by any, and the setting would look so much nicer if they just bought a few sets of bar height tables and stools.
Check them out!
 -They also had my least favorite pint glass of the bunch I purchased. Asheville citizens don't like to hear this place bad mouthed so I do apologize, but hey we are all entitled to an opinion!
A couple videos around the area so you have an idea..

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