Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brewpubs/Restaurants Day 1 - Portland, OR

Throughout Day 1 in Portland besides all the breweries we stopped at other places including...

The Horsebrass is the must go to place while walking Portland.  They are a huge restaurant, nice ambience and have a GREAT beer menu. We got there somewhat early so it was pretty dead.  We got good seats and I was pumped when I saw the beer menu. Lots of choices to choose from, but we had to start off with the Boneyard IPA since we had heard such great things. It was VERY good.  Next up we tried the Boneyard Pale Ale…may have even been better but it was VERY good also.  Great trip to Horsebrass, didn’t eat just drank but it’s a must stop for beer lovers. Check them out www.horsebrass.com

Next stop…Belmont Station.  We wanted to get there kind of early since there was a Pelican tasting around 5.  This place has a LOT of good beer for sale…their slogan should be “if you can’t find it here, you won’t find it in Portland. However we weren’t shopping, we were there to drink.  Next to the beer store is the Biercafe, had a few tables and a large bar and a great beer menu. Unfortunately I can’t recall what I drank there (just look at my previous posts..I already had a few in me), but I did enjoy Belmont Station and highly recommend stopping in but check out their tap list online first…it’s updated daily. www.belmont-station.com

For dinner we went to The Woodsman. Smart to get a reservation here since it tends to get crowded, however we showed up an hour early and got sat immediately.  The prices are a little steep, but to some it may be worth it. We drank the Widmer Half Nelson, but after all the beer I had already that day it just didn’t match up.  To start we split the chicken wings, they were large wings, the sauce was okay and the meat itself wasn’t bad.  Next I tried the corndog…nothing special here just a corndog. For dinner I had the burger and I must say it was fantastic. However served with a burger was a side salad…SIDE SALAD? I’m not sure if the waitress was trying to imply something by giving me a salad, but I like fries with a burger. Plus the salad was dry and not very flavorful.  Overall this place is worth checking out if you have a night out and don’t mind dropping around 35-50$ a person. woodsmantavern.com

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