Sunday, May 19, 2013

Market Garden Brewery - Cleveland, OH

Our last stop of the night was Market Garden Brewery. Reading that at night it gets backed and we wanted to have dinner we made reservations. We were sat immediately and wow is this place big. It was insane in there, seemed like all of Cleveland flocked inside. Next door is a big grocery market place which was closed at this point, but all I heard was good things about it.
-From what I read online, we went with just the cheese board. It was tasty and I would recommend it if you want to just eat something light.
-The service wasn’t very good, the girl seemed to be pulled in 20 different directions but after 2 breweries and a bar we were relaxed and it was fine.
-As for the beer I got the sample in which you write down which 6 you want. I went with the Citramax IPA (very hoppy, I liked it a lot), Cluster IPA (it was just okay), Kennet Ale (not bad, very flavorful), Viking Pale Ale (decent), St Emetics Stout (okay) and the Beer Garden Block (okay).
-The beer was okay, the place was packed, and service wasn’t great..but again with three breweries in one block I highly recommend checking this place out. While it didn’t blow me away, I am very glad I went.

Check them out!

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